Tram-jam anyone?

If you think CBD trams have become awfully crowded since they were made free in the New Year, you are probably right.  But there is no way of telling.

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) admits that it has no way of counting numbers, now that passengers in the free tram zone (FTZ) are not required to “touch on”.

PTV network changes communications manager Kerilyn Wyatt agrees with CBD News that more people are on the trams with the FTZ.

“Anecdotally, I think your observations are correct, but there are a number of factors to consider,” Ms Wyatt said.

“Each year as school and work starts back, there is always a feeling that the trams, trains, roads, buses are a little ‘fuller’ than last year and then a couple of months in, it has settled into a groove.”

“So, in terms of tram patronage in 2015, it is too early to tell what impact the FTZ has had versus what is ‘business as usual’ for this time of year.”

“We don’t have any patronage figures to compare to last year as this is made difficult by the fact that myki touch-on data is not available in the FTZ.”

“It has been great to see that Melburnians and tourists have adapted and embraced the FTZ so quickly and hopefully it encourages people to explore parts of the CBD they don’t often venture into.”

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Ashley Davies

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