Value added success

By Kara Bertoncini

At the age of 19, most teenagers are figuring out what they want to do with their life, but CBD entrepreneur Matt Mahon had a vision.

When Matt started up his health clinic Mind Over Muscle he had zero business knowledge however, his deep understanding of health and well-being was motivation enough.

Matt claimed to be the youngest person in the world to own his own medical clinic and his mission and value system is simple.

“We work in medicine so we’re trying to improve the quality of life. We’re not trying to extend it,” he said.

Cohesion in the work place between employees is very important to Matt, and a sound understanding of the business ethos is encouraged.

“At work, everyone is committed to nutting out what our values are, both professionally and personally, because both are interchangeable. It’s good to make sure that what we’re doing is values driven and true to our own individual missions,” he said.

Matt’s philosophy on being a successful entrepreneur stems from the idea of conscious capitalism, which means supporting organisations that actively contribute to society.

“Essentially, I want to live in a world where people make money doing the right thing and if you can start an organisation that does something that changes the world for the better – be it health, environmental or for the wider community – then we are actively profiting from good being done,” he said.

For a man who leads a very active and healthy lifestyle, balance is of the utmost importance in order to sustain quality of life.

“For a period of time I was doing so much and feeling depleted in all aspects of my life, be it emotionally or physically. I used to think that the less I did in work, the more I would be able to recharge my battery for work. But that didn’t work for me. Now I do more and the more I do, the more energy I have,” he said.

Matt has never been a man of half measure and this attitude has allowed him to find success at a very young age.

“I feel very fulfilled and I know that I have accomplished a lot, both with work and my personal life. But part of the thing that fulfils me the most is that I’m always looking ahead. I have the next 30 years of my life planned out.

“Now, I’m determined to change the health care system across the board and that doesn’t sound audacious to me. It’s just something that has to happen,” he said.

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