Voici Lucy

By Lorraine Ellis

Lucy Lucy is a charming and stylish young women from Saint Maur, 15 minutes outside Paris. 

She has been in Australia on and off for eight years, returning to France annually to catch up with family and to paint.

Initially, Lucy Lucy came to Australia to study, but a fortuitous meeting with the AWOL Crew (see Adnate, September CBD News column) caused her to change direction, opening her up to the potential of becoming a street artist, forcing her to think “outside the box” and going bigger, she executed her first wall in North Carlton in 2006.

Lucy Lucy, it should be noted, is another of the talented artists I’ve interviewed who doesn’t  come from an arts background but, through passion and persistence, has achieved a high level of excellence and recognition.

It should also be noted that she first and foremost considers herself a painter.

In 2013, Lucy Lucy illustrated her first book – Fighting for Freedom - Nancy Wake – a collaboration with author Cassie Liberman and published by Brolly Books.

The panel pictured, is one of three executed by Lucy Lucy in collaboration with Slicer for Art Hunt at Melbourne Central.

Situated in busy Menzies Lane, it typifies the artist’s techniques – brush for outline and detail, aerosol and stencils for pattern.

As for the future, she is working towards an exhibition in 2015.

But for now, in what is a very busy schedule, there’s a large wall with fellow Melbourne artist Kaff Eine and events, such as Strawberry Fields and Rainbow with AWOL.

instagram @lucylucyone N.B. RONE, who was featured in the August column, has an exhibition opening on October 24 and running until November on Level 1, 109 Little Collins St. Hours: Thurs - Sun. 11am-5pm.

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