Watch out for our petition

In a few weeks the We Live Here movement will be launching a campaign in the form of a petition via to gather support for the regulation of short-term letting in residential buildings.

We are hoping for a massive response and encourage you all to get involved.

Short-term letting in residential buildings is not being adequately addressed by any level of government.

High-rise Class 2 residential apartment buildings are springing up without much thought given to the residents who will live there.

It is all about the planners and developers, along with others with vested interests such as short-stay operators, AirBnB, etc who are being heard and considered before the residents have a chance to have a say.

We are fast becoming a taking economy for opportunists and not a sharing economy for communities.

This is now going to change with the launch, in a few weeks, of a petition for the regulation of short-term letting in residential buildings to 30 days or more in line with residential tenancy agreements.

This would exclude hotel-style operations in residential buildings that are not designed for them.

Cities around the world, including New York, London, San Francisco, Vancouver and Barcelona have been grappling with this problem. Now it is Melbourne’s turn.

Why short-term letting MUST be banned for minimum stays of less than 30 days in residential buildings:

  • They are a haven for short-stay operators who run hotel-style Class 3 operations without paying commercial rates and taxes, including GST;
  • They do not contribute to the cost of wear and tear of the building brought about by their operations. This is borne by the owners through increased levies;
  • Residential Class 2 buildings are not designed for Class 3 hotel-style operations as they are non-compliant with Fire Safety Regulations and OH&S requirements for disability access;
  • They are an increased insurance and security risk;
  • No owner or long term resident is safe from having a hotel room “pop up” near them; and
  • Community-building is impossible if one has to share with people who stay for a short time and are gone.

We need YOU to help ensure governments sit up and take notice.

It is time we, the residents, had a voice.

Details of how to sign the petition will be provided in the next We Live Here column, and via our website. All current subscribers will also be mailed directly. If you haven’t already registered please do so now at

Owners Corporations Act 2006

Consumer Affairs Victoria has released an issues paper on the Owners Corporation Act 2006 and is seeking submissions from all interested parties by April 29.

For more information visit

This will be discussed in more detail in next month’s column. Please use the time to consider the issues you are most passionate about and let us know so we can include them in the discussion.

Tram Bridge across the Yarra stopped by passionate residents

This column is delighted to report that at a recent public forum on the urban renewal of Fisherman’s Bend, the Minister for Planning Richard Wynne announced that the proposed tram bridge across the river from Yarra’s Edge, previously approved by the former Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy, would not go ahead.

This is a major victory for the residents of Yarra’s Edge, led by Phil Spender, and demonstrates how community groups, if passionate enough, can make their voices heard.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have issues you would like to have addressed or we can publicise in this column. We also welcome and encourage input and contributions from YOU on the issues that affect YOU.

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Ashley Davies

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