World captured by females

By David Amaya

March is women’s month and this year’s celebration starts with CONCEPTA, the subject of the eighth annual women photographers’ exhibition. 

From March 4 to April 7, Magnet Galleries Melbourne will show a collection of photographs taken by 20 women who give to the public their view of the abstract art.

The event will be a new experience for most of the artists who haven’t done any abstract work.

“We are taking these photographers out of their comfort zone, but the results will speak for themselves,” said Susanne Silver, gallery director, who created the exhibition eight years ago, with the idea of giving to the women a unique spot to show their creations.

Professional photographers and also students and amateurs are among the women invited to the event. It means that the spectator will enjoy a range of concepts, ideas and ways to join into the abstract art.

The event not only will give the chance to admire a gallery made just by women, but also will raise funds for UN Women, the United Nations’ branch that supports women in third world countries.

“We support photographers and make opportunities for people to see, learn and understand the many things that photography can do,” Ms Silver said.

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