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Bullen Lane Street Art

Eye’ll be watching: new street art deterring illegal dumping in Bullens Lane

April 13th, 2024 - Marilyn Tan

Walk along Bullens Lane in Melbourne’s CBD, and you might feel the piercing gaze of a pair of eyes staring you down.


Jingle Lane: A Chinatown Christmas Festival

December 11th, 2023 - Sean Car

Step into a Winter Wonderland like no other at Jingle Lane, a harmonious blend of cultures and a feast for all senses.

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Has the urban art movement finished?

November 21st, 2023 - Adrian Doyle

There is a variety of complexities involved in any attempt to define street art.

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A sustainable art precinct 

September 20th, 2023 - Adrian Doyle

A few months ago, I secured a lease on some land on the edge of the city on King St. 

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Who painted the lane?

August 23rd, 2023 - Adrian Doyle

Hosier Lane is a well-known and culturally significant laneway located in the heart of the CBD. If you don’t know where it is, then you’re probably not from around here.

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Big blue artwork

July 26th, 2023 - Piya Suksodai

July saw the completion of a major artwork The Blue Room by artist and provocateur Adrian Doyle. 

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Street art versus fine art

May 24th, 2023 - Adrian Doyle

What defines street art and how does it sit with in the fine art world?

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Money blowout on graffiti removal

April 25th, 2023 - Adrian Doyle

Australia spends around $2 billion a year to remove graffiti, and Melbourne spends around $100 million on graffiti removal each year. That’s a lot of money; taxpayers’ money. I thought about different things this money could be used for …

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Is street art dead?

March 22nd, 2023 - Adrian Doyle

People always tell me that there isn’t anything new in art and that painting is dead.

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February 22nd, 2023 - Adrian Doyle

Melbourne has long had a thriving street art and urban scene, and murals are becoming an ever-increasing part of this culture. 

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Isolated artist

Isolated artist

April 23rd, 2020 - CBD News
He’s Kranky!

He’s Kranky!

November 9th, 2015 - CBD News
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