Business networking during COVID-19

By Wendi Dawson

It is certainly unchartered territory right now for businesses with the presence of COVID-19.  While the impacts to everyone’s businesses during this time of uncertainty will be different, clearly, we all need to keep progressing with whatever forward momentum we can. If you or your target market no longer want or are able to conduct face to face business, what are your strategies? Here are just a few of your options:  

Enhance your social media presence

One of the biggest obstacles (or perhaps excuses) for business people as to why not to have a stronger social media presence is that they don’t have time. Take the time now! What content are you creating that positions you or your business as an ideal solution, thought leader, whatever? It doesn’t need to be massive; just 400 words will get you started. Your audience wants to know what pain points you solve and how you have truly helped your customers – not marketing spin. 

How are you integrating the content you are posting across all your media channels (e.g. your website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)?

Connect with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a target rich environment. Are you connected with your customers, suppliers, etc.? Are you posting relevant content you have created from the above onto LinkedIn?  One of the key secrets to growing your presence on LinkedIn is to like, comment and share.  LinkedIn loves users who engage with their platform. If you haven’t yet, optimise your profile for search engine optimisation (SEO).  

Ask for referrals

Are you regularly asking your delighted customers about who else they might know?  Remember to keep this request specific so that they know exactly where among their network they should be looking for referrals for you. People are reluctant to refer someone that isn’t an ideal match.  

The phone dials out 

Today with the use of texts and email, it appears that some of us may have forgotten that people buy from people that they know, like and trust. When is the last time that you called your customers (lapsed or current), your suppliers and business associates just to see how they are doing? You might be surprised by where the conversation takes you as you could uncover a business deal even during these trying times!

Melbourne Business Network B3000+ Awards 

The MBN B3000+ Awards are open! Since 2004, the B3000+ Awards have been Melbourne’s premier business awards program. Spanning all of the municipalities of Melbourne, there are several categories: New business (start-ups), innovation, sustainability, social enterprise, female entrepreneur, customer experience, business of the year and many more. There is bound to be a category in which you or your business can shine.

For more details about this event, the B3000+ Awards categories or how to enter, visit

For more details about the Melbourne Business Network or to become a member visit: •

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