Hosier is the worst

Hosier is the worst

By Adrian Doyle

So, I’ve got two things to talk about this month – the first is the state of Hosier Lane.

I know I have discussed Hosier Lane in the past. It has however, become even worse. There is bad art as far as the eye can see. I wouldn’t even rate Hosier in the top 10 lanes in the CBD.

It was the middle of last year when Blender approached the council with a plan to fix the lane using only street artists. Up until now, no street artists have really been consulted.

I think the council gets confused understanding the difference between street artists and street art enthusiasts or photographers.

So anyway, the council seemed interested and then said something about it not being about Blender Studios and that everyone needs to be involved.

I said that too many cooks will lead to mediocrity – it needs to be done tough. And they seemed a bit weird by my tough stance.

I do believe it is a big problem and it will require extreme commitment and strength. And collaboration with many stakeholders. I have never heard back from the council and now that Robert Doyle has gone, I don’t think I will. (Robert Doyle had a sound commitment to the Hosier precinct.) But something needs to be done.

With so much fame and artistist credibility, can we really afford to let it fall apart any further?

With tourism coming from all over the world, it is clear that Hosier is important. 10,000 people clamber for a selfie every day in Hosier Lane, making it one of Australia’s top tourist attractions. AND IT IS DISGUSTING.

Come on City of Melbourne, let’s make this laneway great again. Please contact the council or state member to let them know that this is an issue that needs to be sorted out now.

The second thing I want to write about was my upcoming show at Darkhorse Experiment. It opens on July 6 and runs through July from Wednesdays to Saturdays between 12pm and 5pm at The District Docklands.

You might think that this self-promotion is a bit too much? Well, I am the one with the newspaper column so I can do what I want! So anyway, come to my show. It’s a painting show and it’s been really hard, as I have changed my research focus.

(Hey Doyle, just so you know … it’s my newspaper!  So I can shamelessly promote MY show too.  It’s called “Places by Faces” and runs at about the same time as yours but at Magnet Gallery – also upstairs at The District. Come to my opening on July 8 and have some free cheese! - Editor.)

Stay awesome guys have a great month and follow me on Instagram: doylesart

And I hope to see you at my show.



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