The dangers of binge sitting

The dangers associated with binge drinking land many in the hot seat regularly, whereas the dangers associated with “binge sitting” get left on the bench.

A recent article published in the journal Current Diabetes reported that adults spend between 55-70 per cent of their waking hours being sedentary.

There are those health-conscious cubical clerks who hit the pavement and gym after work, but it turns out this may not be enough to counter the sustained period of sitting.

Dr David Scott, a research fellow and exercise scientist at the University of Melbourne says:

“The issue is that some studies have demonstrated that sedentary behaviour increases health risks regardless of physical activity levels.”

“Therefore, doing some exercise at the end of your work day might not prevent or reverse the negative effects of the previous eight hours of sitting.”

The City of Melbourne has been proactive in recognising the importance of breaking up the work day with physical activity.

Active Melbourne City Sports hosts social: running, soccer, basketball, netball, lawn bowls and dodgeball competitions between 12pm-2pm weekdays at Docklands and Flagstaff  Gardens.

It’s not about fitting it in after work, it’s about getting moving during your day.

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