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By Wendi Dawson, Melbourne Business Network

Representing all industry sectors, small business plays a key role in the thriving City of Melbourne economy.  

While running a small business can be incredibly rewarding, it isn’t without its challenges. Sometimes, business owners and operators are unsure of where to turn to for assistance or need the benefit of leveraging a larger group. 

Working on behalf the City of Melbourne, the Melbourne Business Network (MBN) is a membership-based networking association that facilitates connections, communications and collaboration for businesses within the city. We are a resource to help businesses succeed. Through our events, we also provide an avenue for small businesses on business-critical issues which they may not have ready access.  

Some of the challenges we have helped business with are “how to build a brand that customers will love” (with Phil Ore of Marketing Entourage) and “how to maximise your LinkedIn profile to generate more revenue” (with Megan Edwards of mWords Communications).  Additionally, we have held events on the importance of social enterprise in our city (with Jarrod Briffa of Kinfolk Enterprise).  The MBN will continue its strong calendar of events into 2020 as well, enhancing our membership offerings and bringing greater focus on the resources and grants available to small business through the City of Melbourne.  

The MBN also hosts the Business 3000+ Awards which are Melbourne’s premier awards program for small business. Since 2004, the B3000+ Awards have been recognising and celebrating the endeavours and achievements of independent businesses located within the City of Melbourne that contribute to the commercial success and unique, vibrant fabric of the city. Past winners of the B3000+ Awards are Middleton Group (New Business Award), Michelle Redfern (Female Entrepreneur), Smart Measures (Business of the Year, Innovation), StarRez (Business of the Year), and many, many more.  

To find out more about the MBN, or our events, visit For more information on the B3000+ Awards, go to

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event.  

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